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5 steps to $100M in revenue

Founders, Ops | June 7, 2024

5 Steps to Scale to $100M & Beyond

If you watch one thing this week, this should be it 👇 Ever feel like you’re working your ass off, but not making any real progress? It happens to the best of us. In the...

The perfect bonus plan for any company

Founders, Leadership | May 17, 2024

The Perfect Bonus Plan for Any Company

It’s all about incentive alignment… Most companies screw up compensation design. They struggle to balance base pay, bonus pay, and sales commissions – either making things too complex (you need a PHD to understand your...

5 Calendar Rules I Can’t Live Without

Founders, Ops | April 19, 2024

5 Calendar Rules I Can’t Live Without

You are what you schedule. As a leader, your time is your most valuable asset. So, the difference between good and great leadership is how you use your time. That makes your calendar one of...

startup investors lie

Founders | April 5, 2024

Top 10 Lies Startup Investors Tell (and how to respond)

Raising money is like walking through a minefield. As a founder and CEO for nearly 20 years, I’ve raised hundreds of millions from startup investors. I’ve heard it all—the good, the bad, and the downright...

7 Startup Mistakes

Founders, Ops | March 22, 2024

7 [Non-Obvious] Mistakes That Kill Startups

Startups are hard. Really hard. As a founder and investor in 20+ companies, I’ve seen my fair share of successes and failures. But here’s the thing—the reason startups fail is not what you think. Sure,...

Founders | February 16, 2024

My Top 7 Mistakes Raising $200M from Investors

Raising Money is a Game Raising funding for startups is really f’n hard. But it’s a game, and one that can be mastered. Since most businesses require some outside investment, as a founder or CEO,...

Founders, Leadership, Management | January 19, 2024

5 Rules to Master Delegation (& Do More of What You Love)

Delegation is a superpower, but 99% of people get it wrong. Effective leadership is about striking a balance between the bigger picture vision and nailing the day-to-day operations. Delegation is one the most important tools...

Founders | January 12, 2024

The Ideal Compensation Package for Any Founder

Eating ramen noodles as a founder isn’t a badge of honor. I sacrificed compensation for too long early in my entrepreneurial journey. Almost four years after founding Classy, I was sleeping on the floor of...

Culture, Founders | January 5, 2024

How to Create Company Values People Actually Believe In

Integrity. Respect. Team Work. If your company values look like this 👆 then it’s time for a makeover! These words are corporate babble, typically found on an office poster that no one looks at. What...

The best of startup founder advice in 202

Culture, Founders, Leadership, Management, Ops | December 29, 2023

My Top 50 Posts of 2023

It’s f’n hard to start something new. And this year was a stark reminder of just that! Nine months ago, I started posting content for startup founders on LinkedIn and Instagram, mainly to get a...

what a startup CEO actually does

Founders, Leadership | December 15, 2023

How to Become a Top 1% Startup CEO

Most people think they know what a startup CEO does. But in reality, most CEOs don’t even know what they’re supposed to do! I certainly didn’t when I got started, and I would bet that...

Culture, Founders | December 8, 2023

How to Create a Company Vision People Want to Follow

Can you answer this question? Better yet, can your entire team answer this question in the same way? Where are we going? Sounds simple, but 99% of teams answer this question in two ways: Old-school...

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