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Leadership, Management | June 28, 2024

The Annual Review Is Dead. Here’s What I Do Instead:

No one likes annual performance reviews. Not the employee, not the manager, not the company. So why do so many companies still suffer the brain damage? Because, like so many things in business, “it’s the...

why top performers quit

Leadership, Management | May 10, 2024

7 Reasons You’re Losing Your Top Performers

A-players don’t just “quit.” As a founder in the trenches for 20+ years, I’ve seen my fair share of A-players come and go. Most assume that star employees leave because of compensation or career advancement...

how to resolve conflict as a manager

Leadership, Management | May 3, 2024

How to Resolve Conflict as a Manager (and save hours of stress)

Time doesn’t heal all wounds. I’ll be the first to admit I used to hate conflict. I’d avoid it at all costs, hoping tensions would just magically dissolve on their own. As a young manager,...

12 simple habits to becoming a high-performing manager

Leadership, Management | March 29, 2024

12 Insanely Simple Habits to Become a High-Performing Manager

Management Habits Spread Fast Most people are terrible managers when they first start. And I was, too! So, if you’re not careful, your poor management habits will start to spread across the company. Eventually, you’ll...

how to crush one-on-one meetings

Leadership, Management, Ops | March 1, 2024

7 Rules to Crush Your One-on-One Meetings

Stop dreading your one-on-one meetings. I get it. The one word that every employee dreads… meetings. Just uttering the word makes most people want to bang their heads against a wall. And trust me, I’ve...

Leadership, Management | February 23, 2024

How the Best Leaders Build Resilience

The #1 predictor of success is resilience. Not market, product, or funding. The team’s resilience matters most – their ability to overcome challenges and come out stronger on the other side. In other words, how...

Leadership, Management | February 2, 2024

Top Interview Questions to Hire Only A-Players

Build self-managing teams. This should be your goal as a leader. A team so good, they don’t really need you. Here’s what that team looks like: ✓ Shares your values✓ Doesn’t give up easily✓ Needs...

Leadership, Management, Ops | January 26, 2024

Meetings Suck – These are the Only 3 You’ll Ever Need

Let’s Get Real, Meetings Suck. I’ve been a founder and CEO for nearly 20 years, have been in more meetings than I’d like to admit, and have read countless books on management and leadership. My...

Founders, Leadership, Management | January 19, 2024

5 Rules to Master Delegation (& Do More of What You Love)

Delegation is a superpower, but 99% of people get it wrong. Effective leadership is about striking a balance between the bigger picture vision and nailing the day-to-day operations. Delegation is one the most important tools...

The best of startup founder advice in 202

Culture, Founders, Leadership, Management, Ops | December 29, 2023

My Top 50 Posts of 2023

It’s f’n hard to start something new. And this year was a stark reminder of just that! Nine months ago, I started posting content for startup founders on LinkedIn and Instagram, mainly to get a...

Animated GIF of Scot as an archer that reads How to Set & Achieve Your Business Goals

Management, Ops | December 22, 2023

7 Essential Rules of [Business] Goal-Setting

Why set business goals? The answer is simple: organizational alignment. And as the famous author and business guru Jim Collins once said: “Great performance is about 1% vision and 99% alignment.” Ya, that about sums...

Photo of Scot with a group of alpacas on his farm with animated text that reads,

Leadership, Management | November 10, 2023

Test Your Leadership Skills With 3 Simple Questions

What makes a great leader? It’s a tough question to answer. The stereotypical idea of a leader is more in line with Steve Jobs announcing the next version of the iPhone. But in reality, leaders...

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