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Dan Martell

Author of Buy Back Your Time

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Hiten Shah

CEO & Co-Founder, Nira

Finally, a newsletter to help first-time founders figure things out faster. As a world-class operator, Scot is the best person for the job.


Jake Wood

CEO & Co-Founder, Groundswell

Scot’s perspective and advice has helped solve many of the tough issues we face on a daily basis. He’s truly been through it all.


Gary Benitt

Managing Partner, Social Leverage

Amongst the many CEOs I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Scot is easily top decile.


Alex Bard

Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures

Scot is a special type of leader. He can inspire with high level vision and strategy while driving stellar execution on the ground.

Adam Aarons

Chief Revenue Officer, Drata

From the inception of Classy to the acquisition by GoFundMe, Scot was the consistent example of great courage and leadership.


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