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Hey, I’m Scot —

Underdog turned serial entrepreneur. I wasn’t a very good student. I didn’t go to an Ivy League. And I got rejected from business school.

Yet I was able to build a portfolio of companies worth over $1 billion. How?

I scraped the traditional business playbook and built my own.

Now I’m helping thousands of underdogs – in all industries – focus on the stuff that matters. And guess what? They’re already running laps around their competition.

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About Me

Most business advice sucks… 

Why? Because it’s dished out by people who have never actually built or scaled a company before. 😱

I cringe thinking about some of the guidance I was given over the years. It felt like throwing things against a wall and seeing what stuck. I wasted so much time and money – I’m sure you’ve been there too.

So I promised myself that one day I would share everything I’ve learned… while it was still fresh, while I was still in my prime.  

If you don’t know me, I’m Scot… underdog turned serial entrepreneur.

Underdog? It started in high school, where I got the shit kicked out of me for only being 4’11”. And it peaked when I got rejected from business school years later after thinking I was a shoe-in.

I guess I’ve always had something to prove. But don’t we all?

No one is more powerful than an underdog with a mission.

I’ve conquered my own mountain. Now I see it as my calling to help you conquer yours.

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  • 20 years as founder & CEO

  • Built a portfolio of companies worth well over $1 billion

  • Founded SaaS company Classy.

  • Glassdoor Top CEO

  • Led ~300 person team

  • Scaled from $0 to $100M+ in revenue

  • Raised $200M from investors (angel, venture, private equity, strategic)

  • Led the acquisition by GoFundMe in 2022

  • Have invested in over 20 startups, from SaaS (CaseText – sold for $850M), to consumer (Impossible Foods), to crypto (Ripple)

  • Now building a retail business (brick & mortar + online) – the “Erewhon of Pharmacy

Areas of

  • Leadership & high-performance teams

  • The systems to scale to $100M+

  • Company ideology (mission, values, vision)

  • Brand/product positioning, packaging, pricing

  • Go-to-market strategy & sales ops

  • Board and/or investor management

  • Fundraising

  • Strategic investing and M&A

Let’s go!

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