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Think of this community like Y-Combinator, but for scale-ups. You’ll get a blueprint to go from initial scale to a $100M+ business – all without burning yourself out.

A community like this isn’t for everyone, and we take vetting very seriously, admitting roughly 15% of all applicants.

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Do I have to be in a certain industry to join?

No. We’re purposefully recruiting CEOs across a variety of industries to add as much diversity to the group as possible. This will become a strategic advantage to you over time. That said, the smaller peer groups that we form will be matched based on stage and business model.

How do founders typically pay for their program?

Almost all members have their company cover the cost as a training and/or executive coaching investment. In the rare case that this is not possible, we have seen a few members self-fund, with plans to reimburse themselves later through the company.

Go from founder to elite CEO.

Anyone can become a founder. But only the top 1% will become truly world-class. Make that someone you.

Taught by experienced CEO, Scot Chisholm & guests.

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